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Your Medical ID Specialist!   We have a style of medical ID jewelry for every need.

Wallet Card

Phone # *Optional
Condition, Allergy, Medical Message, etc.
Emergency Contact Name & Phone #
Other Pertinent Information
*For security reasons, the address and phone number are not necessarily required especially if this is being carried by a child. If this is the case, the emergency contact will be the safest information to have displayed on the card.

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For added peace of mind, we make custom wallet cards with all of your vital information. This is especially helpful if you have a complicated medical history or a long list of allergies and cannot engrave everything on the back of a medical ID tag.

Simply fill in the information for a laminated wallet card to accomapny any piece of our medical jewelry.

Try to keep the information you provide as concise as possible. In the event that we are unable to fit this information on your wallet card, you will be contacted for suggested changes.

Below are some samples of what information could be included on your card.

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