Nylon Interchangeable Straps
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Your Medical ID Specialist!   We have a style of medical ID jewelry for every need.

Nylon Interchangeable Straps

1st Strap Choice
Additional Nylon Straps blue (add $6.95)
hearts (add $6.95)
fish (add $6.95)
bugs (add $6.95)
pink (add $6.95)
purple flower (add $6.95)
camouflage (add $6.95)
blue trucks (add $6.95)
black (add $6.95)
bows (add $6.95)
space mission (add $6.95)
butterfly (add $6.95)
red (add $6.95)
soccer (add $6.95)
sun & clouds (add $6.95)
Laminated Wallet Card $4.00
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Alternatively, you can choose an adjustable watchband style faux leather strap with a buckle. Fits wrist sizes 5 to just over 8.

Interchangeable straps are $6.95 each!

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