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Pet ID

Please note: Orange is not available in the small/medium size.
Tag Colour black with bones
orange (med / lrg only)
Spare ID Cards (4 pk) $2.25

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You can easily update the information on your tag when you change your contact number or your address. Use the other card insert if you are away at the cottage with your pet or when your pet is being looked after by friends or relatives. Eliminate the cost and hassle involved with having to update traditional pet ID tags and make it the most convenient for you.

The stretch rings enable the PET ID tag to be fitted over almost any collar fitting. Silence is golden! No more annoying jingle that happens with traditional metal pet ID tags.

These are 100% waterproof including the ID cards! The reflective element of the PET ID tag allows pets to be seen by others and has silver 3M Scotchlite reflective tape. They are tough and durable and are made of rot resistant stitching to ensure longevity. These are available in two sizes and six colours.

How to Use & Waterproof PET ID Cards

Step 1 • Slip your pet’s collar fitting through the 1st stretch ring
Step 2 • Feed collar through and insert collar fitting through the 2nd stretch ring
Step 3 • Slide the PET ID tag to the desired position
Step 4 • Complete contact information on the waterproof ID card and insert in the pocket of the PET ID tag
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