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Beading Hearts - Custom Medical ID Bracelets Affordable medical ID bracelets for every occasion!
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Your Medical ID Specialist!   We have a style of medical ID jewelry for every need.


Colour stainless steel
metallic red
Complete System includes:

1 Identakey, 4 Fingerprinting Strips & 4 Self-Laminating Pouches

Extra Kits $4.99
(4 additional fingerprinting strips & 4 self-laminating pouches)

For larger orders, Identakey™ can be customized to include your logo. Also available in blue, white, purple, and black when ordering in bulk. Inquire at

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Identakey™ - USB Flash Drive - Complete ID System

Have you ever:

• Needed to retrieve your child’s immunization record?
• Wished you had family allergy, prescription & medical info with you?
• Wanted an easier way to provide detailed family information to caregivers?
• Wondered what you would do if a family member went missing?

Then you need Identakey™! Don’t scramble to find the vital information you need. Be proactive and ensure you have it when you need it.

Where is your information stored?

Having vital information stored on Identakey™ is safer than having it in your wallet or briefcase, more convenient than having it just in a filing cabinet, and it is portable unlike information on your computer. Get organized and prepared with Identakey™, now available to Canadians to efficiently organize all your crucial information in one place conveniently attached to your keychain. Create custom cards, profile reports, identification & fingerprint cards, ID/bag tags, missing person’s posters & reports.

Identakey™ is all you need…all in one place...and makes an ideal gift!

Identakey™ USB Flash Drive • Complete ID System

Identakey™ allows those responsible for the care and safety of others (i.e. parent, guardian, family member, team coach or those who provide care to others in a business capacity) to access crucial information with the click of a mouse.

The Identakey™ is a user name & password encrypted portable USB drive enabling you to store, update & retrieve crucial information. The unique built-in software guides you through a simple, interactive interview process to collect & securely store family or client information:

• Physical, identifying characteristics, online identities, email addresses & favourite places to visit or play
• 4 digital profile pictures including headshot, full body shot, profile (no smile) & profile (smiling). Authorities advise that one of the best tools in locating missing persons is a clear, high quality photograph. With the Identakey™ you are prepared!
• Medical information: allergies, bloody type, drug allergies, immunization history, medications, etc.
• Family, friend, guardian & school contact information
• Emergency contact information (physician, family, specialist, authorities, etc.)

Your Vital Information is Always Safe & Secure

In the event that your Identakey™ is misplaced, you do not need to be concerned that anyone other than yourself will be able to use your Identakey™. It requires a username & password to access. It launches its own software so your family’s personal identifying information is not stored anywhere, except securely on the Identakey™. It will not save information to your personal computer or send it out on the Internet.

Easy to Use

Not a computer whiz? Identakey™ is format friendly, intuitive & easy to navigate.

What's Included:

• 1 Identakey™
• 4 fingerprinting strips (SirchieTM professional fingerprinting strips….simple to wipes easily from fingers)
• 4 self-laminating pouches (3MTM professional business card size…easily create in your own home)

Why Everyone Needs an Identakey™

Allows you peace of mind that family information is organized and available at all times. It can be used in a variety of applications such as:

• Parents wanting to have their children’s vital information available in the event a child goes missing;
• Families safe-guarding information about their traveling family members;
• Team coaches carrying all team member vital information while attending events.
• Care providers needing to safe-guard information about clients at their place of business or needed to be accessed during outings.
• Family & friends carrying crucial information about those involved in adventure sports among many other applications.

Not just for Emergencies

Although Identakey™ can instantaneously transmit vital information to authorities, care-givers or others with the click of a button, it is not only for emergencies. It holds information that can help you in day to day situations with your family. The Identakey™ can be used as a tool to access key phone numbers, contact information & medical information anytime. Keep the Identakey™ on your keychain for easy access.

Identakey™ Report Functions

Allows you to easily produce all the printable paper reports and identification cards listed below:

Duplicate Identakey™

Families and care givers may want to store the same information on 2 or more Identakey™. This is easy to do following the instructions provided right in the software. Provide a second Identakey™ to anyone who regularly cares for your child or family member.
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