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Travel Bands

Travel ID
Each package contains 6 bands


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These disposable KIDS SAFETY TRAVEL ID bands provide a cost effective solution to keep your kids safe on vacation. They are the perfect safety product to pack for your trip to Disneyland, the Caribbean, or other destination. At a busy airport or crowded beach, it only takes seconds for you to be accidentally separated from your child.

They are fully waterproof and can be used in the swimming pool and ocean and will not rip or tear. Supplied in packs of 6, it is easy to discard and update should you change flights or hotels. Kids may have difficulty communicating to those around them due to their age or language differences…these bands say “If I’m Lost – Look Inside” in English, Spanish & French. You can store your child’s name, your hotel name & flight number, 2 emergency contact numbers, and medical conditions or allergies.

These prove equally useful to keep your child safe close to home during a visit to a local mall or if your child is going to a play date or party.

Waterproof bands store the following information

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