Engravable ID with Waterproof Sport Straps
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Your Medical ID Specialist!   We have a style of medical ID jewelry for every need.

Engravable ID with Waterproof Sport Straps

Medical Plaque Style
Maximum 18 letters and spaces per line.
Back Engraving: Line 1 $8.00
Line 2 $4.00
Line 3 $4.00
Line 4 $1.00
"If Lost" plaque can only be engraved on the back
Front Engraving: Line 1 $8.00
Line 2 $4.00
Line 3 $4.00
No Engraving Required
Choice of Strap
Additional Straps blue (add $6.95)
hearts (add $6.95)
fish (add $6.95)
bugs (add $6.95)
purple flower (add $6.95)
pink (add $6.95)
black (add $6.95)
bows (add $6.95)
space mission (add $6.95)
butterfly (add $6.95)
red (add $6.95)
soccer (add $6.95)
sun & clouds (add $6.95)
camouflage (add $6.95)
blue trucks (add $6.95)
Laminated Wallet Card $4.00
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To complete your order:

1. Choose your style of plaque
2. Specify custom engraving
3. Select your interchangeable straps

Need a waterproof, durable medical ID bracelet? This style features 4 different surgical stainless steel (316L) engravable plaques and many choices of interchangeable polyester & nylon or faux leather straps for children and adults.

Custom engrave information on the front and back of a 316L surgical stainless steel medical ID plaque. Brushed matte finish. Please note that the gold plated medical ID will reveal stainless steel when engraved.

Each plaque will hold 4 lines of engraving on the back and 3 lines of engraving on the front (except the "If Lost" plaque which can only be engraved on the reverse). Be aware that the strap will have to be removed to view the back engraving.

The sport strap has a snap lock and is adjustable to fit wrist sizes ranging from 4 to just over 8. These nylon straps are hand washable and do not need to be cut; any additional length of strap should be inside touching the wrist, not hanging on the outside.

Alternatively, you can choose an adjustable watchband style faux leather strap with a buckle. Fits wrist sizes 5 to just over 8.

Interchangeable straps are $6.95 each!

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